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Distributed Audio

Touchless Control

Chosen users can control pre-authorized aspects of the system from their personal mobile device. Individual device control is cleaner and more hygienic than utilizing public control hardware.

Smart DSP with Ambient Noise Compensation

Atmosphere algorithms set a new standard for the way digital audio systems compensate for ambient noise enabling it to continually learn and adapt to changes in the environment without using external microphones.

Automated Message Player and Bell Scheduler

Operational effectiveness and efficiencies are improved by dispatching pre-recorded messages according to a schedule, or triggered by an input device, such as an ambient noise sensor, or volume/source/zone selections.

Simple Programming & Intuitive GUI

Atmosphere is easily set up with a web browser. No proprietary software to download. The GUI is refreshingly intuitive and allows for design freedom without requiring days of training seminars to learn how to program, install, and deploy a system.

Sound Masking

Used in corporate, healthcare/clinical, and other settings, sound masking helps cover speech for enhanced speech privacy and reduce distracting office noise for increased focus and productivity.

Accessory Self-Heal

Quickly and easily replace any accessory without the need to reprogram. Simply plug the network cable into a new unit and the processor will automatically reinstall the same settings as the accessory it replaced.